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To Make Food, Or Buy It?

So NPP hits 6 months old, we have a little issue with solids (I know, I’m a bit behind on that info), we get threatened with having to take him to a feeding specialist...

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Putting the Daddy Diaper Bag Through The Ringer

December always brings with it a trip to some set of Outlets to do a little holiday shopping.  It’s a lot of fun, because we spend time with my family, and get to watch...

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Two Week Update – Holy Crap

Two weeks down.  Two blurred, sleepy, fussy weeks. And I wouldn’t change a thing. So…babies are a lot of work.  I’m fully aware that we were told that for the past 9 months, but...

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Tick Tock, Carlos…

Well, if you read nothing else in the rest of this post, read this: 37 Weeks and, no, the baby isn’t here yet.  Thankfully, the one big risk (at least from my end) was averted...

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Cheap, or Efficient? You be the Judge!

Look. I hate grocery shopping.  Hate it.  It’s boring, I always have to push the cart (something about a pregnant belly getting in the way and blah, blah, blah), I always get yelled at...

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Life, As He Knows It, Is Over

That little guy?  He’s been my best buddy for almost 8 years.  On his 8th birthday, he has the potential to share his day with the one thing in life that can usurp his throne...

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