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Where Are We Going To Put All of This….Stuff?!?

Mere hours ago, that scene up top was my our living room.  Boxes and bags filled with God knows what were strewn across our floor, blocking both ingress and egress to any other location in our house. That mess?  That mess was the result of our incredibly generous family and friends coming together and helping […]

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DCDT Book Review: Dude, You’re Gonna Be a Dad

Another Week brings another DCDT Book Review because, in all honesty, reading books is about all that is left to do right now.  The MoMFC is only 12 weeks away from D-Day, and we’re pretty much in cruise control at this point in time.  So without further ado… The latest read through was the book […]

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DCDT Book Reviews: What to Expect When Your Wife is Expanding

From time to time, I elect to enrich my mind in ways that don’t involve beer, sports, video games, or beer.  One of the scariest things about becoming a father is that most fathers will go into the adventure knowing absolutely nothing.  Thankfully, there are about 9 million books on becoming a father (makes you […]

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