Cheap, or Efficient? You be the Judge!



I hate grocery shopping.  Hate it.  It’s boring, I always have to push the cart (something about a pregnant belly getting in the way and blah, blah, blah), I always get yelled at for sneaking oreos into the cart, and I can’t stand the people that are in there with me.

Recently, my Father-in-law was talking to us about ways to maximize our free time and make life a bit more efficient.  He’s an efficient man and, when it comes to the food industry, the guy really knows his stuff.  He gets to talking about how some of the stores that he works with have been using a service called Peapod to offer delivery and pickup services for groceries.  Grocery delivery.

Too good to be true.

So the MOMFC and I are sitting around one evening and I decide to start doing a little research.  Peapod has been around since 1996 in some form or another.  I’m pretty embarrassed that it’s taken us this long to figure out this service.

So what’s the long and short of PeaPod?  Well, there really isn’t any “long” to it.  You place your order on a computer or mobile device, and then you elect to either pick it up (small service charge, maybe a dollar or two) or have it delivered (a bit more expensive, because you’re paying for delivery).  Then…you get your groceries.  That’s pretty much it.

Again, this just sounded too good to be true.  So, naturally, we tried the service.  We scheduled our first pickup for last Sunday at 3pm.  Times are pretty flexible and there doesn’t seem to be any day on which you can’t get your groceries.  I had issues with being so lazy that I needed the groceries delivered, so we stuck with pickup.  I arrived at the grocery store at 3pm on the button, and sure enough, someone met me outside in the “Parcel Pickup” lane and handed me my groceries.  Since I paid online, there was no receipt (email) and I didn’t have to pay for the transaction at the time.  Had MOMFC and FBE (Future Baby Egolf) been in the car, PeaPod would have loaded the groceries into the car for them, and she never would have had to get our little lad out of his carseat.  Me being a manly man, however, I elected to take the bags and put them in the car myself.

After that, I drove home and let the boss check things out.  She was, and this is no overstatement, more than pleased with the results.  Our produce was fresh and still cold, our eggs were unbroken, our deli meats were freshly sliced and, best of all, our bill hadn’t been run up by some member of our family who likes to impulse shops while he cruises the lanes.  Our PeaPod experience was near-perfect.  The only downside was having to skip past a few grocery stores to get to one that provides the service, but other than that, it was great.

Best of all, we saved $20 on our first order.

So now you have to be asking yourself, “Gee, Zach, that sounds great!  We’d love to sign up, but how can WE save $20?”  Lucky for you, I have the answer.  Readers of can sign-up with our referral link and save $20 off of their first order.  Even better than that?  PeaPod is currently offering free delivery and pick-up on your first 60 days!  It can’t hurt to try it, so save yourself some time and money and hit that link above!

We’re really excited to keep using the service, especially once FBE gets here and we have less time to do things like grocery shopping!

If you’ve used PeaPod before, let me know what you think.  If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments!

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3 thoughts on “Cheap, or Efficient? You be the Judge!

  1. This was fantastic!! I got to continue washing and putting away FBE’s clothes! I got so much stuff done on Sunday without having to stop and take time out at the grocery store!! This is a must try!!

  2. It really does sound too good to be true….is this local to the Baltimore area? If not, I’m signing up

    1. It is not Baltimore-only, Stacey! If you check out the link I posted, you can plug in your zip-code and see if there are any local PeaPod stores near you. I’m pretty sure they’re expanding, so if there isn’t one close-by, there could be one eventually!

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