Seriously…why DON’T they tell you these things?!

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5 Responses

  1. Katie H says:

    This is my favorite post so far. You made me laugh, thanks you!

  2. Elise E says:

    Additional nice to haves!!! Extra bobby cover, if you use it a lot to feed and hold it gets messy. Not necessary but definitley nice!!

  3. Julianne says:

    Loving all the tips!! Thanks guys!

  4. MarkT says:

    Yup, we also had the middle-of-the-night revelation that a spare cover for the breastfeeding pillow was going to be a necessity, along with a liner/topper for the pack and play where the baby hangs out downstairs.
    The other thing we’ve found handy is the large, nylon drawstring bag we’re using for baby laundry (arrived at our shower full of various toys from Grandma and Grandpa) can also be tossed in the washer with the dirty clothes, since I assume sooner or later some poop is going to transfer on there from a soiled outfit.

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