Seriously…why DON’T they tell you these things?!

You know the one thing I never thought I’d say, writing this blog?

“I should have listened to my wife.”

Throughout the majority of MOMFC’s pregnancy, my inner-cheapskate really become one with itself when it came to buying stuff for this kid.  Did we really need another box of diapers?  Is he really going to poop that many times in a day?  Seriously, why do we need three different types of pillows?

These were questions I found myself asking nearly every day, wondering if my wife might be losing her mind, and wondering how she could really think we needed so many extras of certain items.

I could not have been more wrong.

Dads, I’m sure a lot of you are in the same boat.  One or two burp rags should be good, right?  No need to spend all that money on the extra stuff.  Let me go ahead and stop you right there and let you know that you’re going to want extras of nearly everything.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  Being a father for a grand total of 5 days doesn’t exactly make me an expert in raising a child, but being a father who has stayed at home since the birth of his son, changed 85% of his diapers, and been some contributing factor in most feedings and changings does make me a seasoned veteran in the ways of soiled cloth.

TMI Alert: Our boy got the snip-snip.  Why is this relevant?  When you circumcise a child, you end up having to put ointment on the diaper every time you change it.  Why does that matter?  Most of your ointments are designed in a similar manner as Vaseline, which means any liquid is going to roll right off and out the diaper.  What does that mean?  It means you’re going to have a lot of pee-soaked changing cloths on top of your diaper pad.  It means you’re going to have a lot of soaked-through onesies.  It also means that, if you’re not adequately prepared, you’re going to be doing laundry every five minutes just so your kid has something to wear.

And let’s not even get started on poop.  You can pretty much plan on changing a soiled diaper at least every time your kid eats (depending on what you’re feeding them) and bank on the fact that at least once per day they’re going to spit-up, pee, or poop in/on their outfit.

So what does DCDT recommend you have for the first few days?  Here’s out list:


  1. Burp Clothes, at least a dozen.  Do yourself a favor and go get a package of cloth diapers.  You can get 10 for around $13.  They’re absorbent, and easy to wash, and since they’re white, fairly easy to check for soiled-level.
  2. Changing Pad Liner – These are the liners you’ll put on just about any surface where your baby will be laying.  Plan on having at least two for any crib, pack and play, and changing pad, and maybe even have a few quick change pads if you’re going to do any floor changing.
  3. Pampers Swaddlers (Newborn) –  You’re going to get some of these from the hospital.  If you’re like us, you’ll catch on quick that the hospital refills your supply if you “use” them all.  If you’re also like us, you’ll figure out that they fit nicely, by the pack, in an extra bag that you’ve brought to the hospital.  Seriously.  You’re paying out-the-ass for your hospital stay.  Get your money’s worth and snag as many of these as you can.  It still won’t be enough.  You’re talking 8-12 per day.  We’ve already bought two boxes.  I don’t know how one thing can evacuate as much as a newborn child.  It’s not human.
  4.  Baby Wipes – Your baby is going to get dirty.  You’ll go through these like TP.  And, if you’re like me, you’ll learn that you’re not above using them for yourself.  Seriously.  Put a pack in the fridge and tell me it’s not the nicest wipe you’ve ever had.
  5. Extra Swaddle Blankets – Do you know when babies most often spit up or blow out a diaper?  Right after you’ve changed them, got them dressed, and swaddled them.  You’re going to soil swaddle blankets, so have a few extras around so you’re not spending just as much time washing them as you are using them.

Nice To Haves:

  1. Extra diaper genies – We have one of these.  It’s taken us about 2 days to realize it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have one on every floor.  Diapers eventually start stinking, and dogs love to eat them, so why not stow one of these away on each floor.  You’re baby isn’t going to stay in its nursery 24/7, which means you’re not changing diapers there all the time.  I haven’t changed my son’s diaper in his nursery in two days.  Those diapers have to go somewhere.
  2. Pacifier Wipes – I’m 50/50 on these.  They’re nice to have, but soap and water work just as well if you’re near a bathroom.
  3. Extra Sleep Sacks – Or, if you don’t have any, SOME sleep sacks.  They’re great, because there are no legs to have to unsnap to change a diaper.  It’s like a dress with elastic at the bottom that you just pull up over the diaper for a quick change.  It’s long enough to keep the piggies warm.

The important part is that you don’t want to run out of the essentials, and you don’t want to be doing laundry every 12 hours.  Some of this stuff is cheap, but completely worth spending the money to get.

Got any other suggestions?  Feel free to leave them in the comments.  I’ll be sure and update this list as the days go by, so be sure to check back often!

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5 thoughts on “Seriously…why DON’T they tell you these things?!

  1. Additional nice to haves!!! Extra bobby cover, if you use it a lot to feed and hold it gets messy. Not necessary but definitley nice!!

  2. Yup, we also had the middle-of-the-night revelation that a spare cover for the breastfeeding pillow was going to be a necessity, along with a liner/topper for the pack and play where the baby hangs out downstairs.
    The other thing we’ve found handy is the large, nylon drawstring bag we’re using for baby laundry (arrived at our shower full of various toys from Grandma and Grandpa) can also be tossed in the washer with the dirty clothes, since I assume sooner or later some poop is going to transfer on there from a soiled outfit.

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