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Two Week Update – Holy Crap

Two weeks down.  Two blurred, sleepy, fussy weeks. And I wouldn’t change a thing. So…babies are a lot of work.  I’m fully aware that we were told that for the past 9 months, but...

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It’s All Coming Together

Roughly four months ago, I did much of my photography work, much of my stay-at-home work, and much of my “junk hoarding” in our third bedroom upstairs.  I knew that wasn’t going to last forever,...

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Where Are We Going To Put All of This….Stuff?!?

Mere hours ago, that scene up top was my our living room.  Boxes and bags filled with God knows what were strewn across our floor, blocking both ingress and egress to any other location...

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Well, there is, as they say, no turning back now.  Why is the name of this post “99”?  That’s the number of days we have left until our little guy is due to join...

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Life, As He Knows It, Is Over

That little guy?  He’s been my best buddy for almost 8 years.  On his 8th birthday, he has the potential to share his day with the one thing in life that can usurp his throne...

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The Paint Job

That image should strike fear into the hearts of any man who has ever been on the precipice of losing a room in his house to the future that is “The Nursery”.  For those...

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