DCDT Review: LifeHandle Ultimate Leash Bundle

Business in the front: This item was provided to me, free of cost, from LifeHandle, in exchange for a review on their site, feedback on the item, and the typical demo unit odds n ends. Full disclosure, and all that. As mentioned in my previous post, my hands are now outnumbered by children and pets. […]

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Funny thing about kids…

So, there’s a few funny thing about having kids: They keep you busy. REALLY busy. You start to get comfortable with them, and think, “I could probably handle two kids” You have a second kid, and stay busy Sometimes you have two boys and think, “We should try for a girl!” You have a third […]

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Home Improvement Reviews Updates

Latest House Updates: New Lights and Home Automation Switches

Kicking off the first of the home renovation posts (and trust me, there are a ton coming down the line) is just a short one with a quick one hour update I made earlier this week.  We had a couple of these old eyeball lights (seen above) right in front of our fireplace.  We had renovated […]

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Where have I been, and Where am I going?

I made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t slack off on the blog, lose track of time, and then have a year go by with zero posts.  Thankfully, I realized this morning that it’s only been 11 months, so I’m keeping my promise. So now the big question: Where have I been, and where […]

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DCDT Review: Ding Dong, I See You (Ring Doorbell Review)

MOMPC would love to do a guest post and tell you that my last post, talking about making life with a kid a little easier through the wonderment of technology, was the last but of “home automation” that I would purchase.  Sure, she doesn’t mind the occasional $15-$20 GE Link Lightbulb (of which we’ve added at least […]

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Baby Gear Thoughts Reviews

Making Life with a Kid A Little Easier…Automatically

Having a kid is no walk in the park.  You’re constantly busy, constantly tired, and it never seems like you get a second where it doesn’t seem like you have your hands full (literally and figuratively).  Since arriving at our house 14 months ago, we’ve watched NPP go from a tiny little peanut that spent […]

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Where did the time go?!

So…it’s been a few months, huh?  Where did the time go?!? A little over 3 to be exact.  Those of you with children older than one, feel free to sympathize with me here, but…I’ve barely had time to pick my own butt, let alone blog!  Did you guys know that raising a one year old […]

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Buying Our Child’s Safety. Or….Not.

For the past couple of weeks, MOMPC and I have been talking that it was time to finally stop hauling NPP’s tiny hind-end around in his infant car seat everywhere we went.  Lugging 30 pounds of baby and seat up and down stairs gets to be quite tiring after you do it just once, and […]

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Making Baby Food: You Would Think This Would Be Easy

Making baby food.  You would think this would be easy, right? As you’ve no doubt read in previous DCDT posts, I’m a big fan of gadgets.  If there’s a problem that can be tackled with some piece of technology, chances are real good that I’m going to try and convince MOMPC that we should probably buy […]

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Advice Updates

To Make Food, Or Buy It?

So NPP hits 6 months old, we have a little issue with solids (I know, I’m a bit behind on that info), we get threatened with having to take him to a feeding specialist (long story).  We come home that night, he and I have a “Come to Jesus” chat about needing to eat (I […]

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