Where Are We Going To Put All of This….Stuff?!?


Mere hours ago, that scene up top was my our living room.  Boxes and bags filled with God knows what were strewn across our floor, blocking both ingress and egress to any other location in our house.

That mess?  That mess was the result of our incredibly generous family and friends coming together and helping us to celebrate the impending birth of our baby boy.  And the crazy part about it all?  That’s only half.

Yesterday was Elise’s first baby shower.  I’m guessing it was a great time; I wasn’t there.  Really makes me think that they should have baby showers for fathers.  I mean, weddings provide dual celebrations, so why not babies?  They could be hosted at a sports bar, and the father could get relevant baby gifts and, in all likelihood, get super drunk.  We were fortunate enough to hold a fun party afterward, which I guess was the equivalent of a male baby shower.

So we had to make a special trip over to the party location earlier today to pick up everything, and in doingSAM_1598 so realized that we should probably have rented a U-Haul.  It’s absolutely ridiculous to see all of the stuff that we came home with today.  A lot of the items left me wondering why we were getting them and what they were used for, but that’s certainly reserved for future posts.

Thankfully, the wonderfully OCD MOMFC spent a few hours getting everything put away in the nursery, which caused me to panic a little less.

Honestly, today was probably the first time I had a real fear of having this child, mostly because I was terrified that we wouldn’t have room for all of the stuff and that I had no idea we needed half of the stuff that we received.  Apparently, having a child requires no less than 14 different types of pillows, 4 different swings and a partridge in a pear tree.

Next weekend, we go visit her family for the second round of baby showers.  With a slight call-back to the male baby shower idea, I’ll be golfing and bar-hopping for most of the weekend.  I guess, in a way, that’s a good way to celebrate the end of my life.  It’s not like I’ll get much time to any of that stuff once the baby comes, right?

Quick Hit Updates:

– We’ve decided to take a few classes.  None of those terrifying birthing classes that make you second-guess why ever decided to have children, but things like “What to do with a child” type classes.  Those should be helpful

– If you haven’t caught up on posts, I reviewed two books.  First was “What to Expect When Your Wife Is Expanding” and the second was “Dude, You’re Going To Be A Dad“.  Make sure you check those out if you’re expecting a child and looking for a few good books.

– We’ve stopped counting up in weeks, and started counting down to the due date.  We’re now 75 days from the due date.  Tonight, I looked at MOMFC and said to her, “I guess this is really happening, isn’t it?”  She promptly looked at me like I was an idiot.


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