Where did the time go?!


So…it’s been a few months, huh?  Where did the time go?!? A little over 3 to be exact.  Those of you with children older than one, feel free to sympathize with me here, but…I’ve barely had time to pick my own butt, let alone blog!  Did you guys know that raising a one year old kid takes a ton of time?  I figured by now he’d be a fully functioning member of society, but I guess the joke was on me, because that little nugget requires more maintenance than a 15 years old Buick!

When we last left off, we were squeezing his tiny little behind into a convertible carseat, mostly because he was getting too big for the infant carrier, and we were getting sick of carrying him around in that thing everywhere we went.

Since then, he started walking.  Actually, it’s more like a power walk.  He doesn’t crawl anymore.  If there’s a place that needs getting to, he’s getting there on two feet, come hell or high water.  Nothing is safe anymore.  A lot of parents I talk to can’t wait until their child walks.  It’s like some sort of ignorantly blind achievement or something.  Pray that your child crawls until they’re 13.  I’m not kidding!  We now have Munchkin Latches on 99% of our cabinets.  We’ve gotten rid of furniture and put up multiple baby gates (I personally like these Kidco Safeway Gates, because I don’t trip over them).  Where there was once floor space, now sits some toy that blinks and makes far too much noise.

NPP has 4 teeth, with a few more just waiting in the wings to come ripping through.  Sadly, though, those bad boys only chew Goldfish, Vegetable Sticks, and the occasional peanut butter cracker.  Our battle with the solid foods has been a constant struggle, and I’ll blog on that at some point in the future.

It’s been a whirlwind couple of months, but it seems that the one year mark brings a small semblance of free time after the little guy goes to bed.  With less bottles to make, dishes to do, and random things to clean and prepare, we finally have some time to ourselves to get back to doing the things we used to do!

So if you’ve stuck around this long, I appreciate it.  If I’ve convinced you to come back, I promise I’ll try and provide more content.  We’ve certainly enjoyed watching this little guy grow up, and thank you for being here with us!

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