Buying Our Child’s Safety. Or….Not.

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  1. MarkT says:

    We’re facing the same situation, although we’re approaching the height limit faster than the weight. Our new daycare doesn’t have enough space to leave the infant seat behind, so we picked up a low-end convertible for days that the same person doesn’t do dropoff and pickup. We picked the Evenflo Tribute (, mostly because it’s relatively light and narrow so it’ll be convenient to take on a plane The infant seat still rides in the family-trip hatchback because it’s nice to be able to carry her inside when she’s asleep, but when she outgrows that we’ll go for something in the next tier up for maximum comfort on long drives.

  1. November 17, 2015

    […] we last left off, we were squeezing his tiny little behind into a convertible carseat, mostly because he was getting too big for the infant carrier, and we were getting sick of carrying […]

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