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30 Days.

30 Days are all we have left, and to be 100% honest, even that’s just an estimate.  MOMFC’s doctor has our little bundle of joy arriving on October 31st, but if I were a betting man, I’d put good money on him arriving a bit earlier.  That being said, I think we’re as ready as we’re going to be.  The nursery is finished, the showers are over, and as I said in my previous post, now we’re just playing the waiting game.

We got to experience the joy of a childcare class last weekend.  If for nothing else, it taught us two things:

  1. We know a lot more than we thought, and have a lot of confidence in our abilities to become parents
  2. Having a child should require an IQ test

For the love of all things holy, there were some pretty clueless people in this class.  I truly think that #2 above gave us more confidence in #1.

We’ve also discovered something pretty neat, referenced in the header photo on that post.  Apparently, there’s a neat musical group called, “Rockabye Baby” on Spotify.  Rockabye Baby plays lullaby versions of some of the most popular songs from past decades and current, all set in a soothing manner that you child might enjoy a bit better.  I have to say, after listening to the actual Rockabye Baby song for the 100th time while installing a mobile on the crib, it was a nice change of pace to know that “Love Gun” is out there, ready to introduce my son to the glory of The Hottest Band in the World — KISS!  We’ll get a chance to transition our son to some actual good music, through the wonders of Rockabye Baby!

Or…he’ll hate it all.

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