Kicking It Into High Gear

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3 Responses

  1. Essie Jackson says:

    Good stuff, Zach! Enjoy those sweet baby kicks, words can’t describe them 🙂 I also researched ever-y-thing we bought while I was pregnant, but I can’t give you my review on the baby monitor bc I haven’t used it yet. I bought a Motorola one (not sure which one off the too of my head, but I remember liking all of the reviews!). I’ll need to start using it soon though, so I’ll let you know my thoughts.

  2. Chris says:

    Great posts so far! I can’t imagine feeling that kick for the first time, memorable. It’d be awesome to see the trials/tribulations of picking out some of the more techie baby stuff like the baby monitor and reviews as you are planning on doing.

    • zegolf says:

      Thanks, Chris! My hope is to review as much of the stuff as I can, as we get it. Obviously we’ll have some time before that happens, with the baby not due until October, but I’m hoping to keep writing well after he’s born!

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