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In 5 days, or however many (or few) days Baby Egolf takes to join us, MOMFC is planning on carrying around this incredibly manly diaper bag.  Sadly, I’m afraid that’s just not going to fly in DCDT Land (let along the fact that I’ll never be able to find an outfit that matches that bag).  In fact, the diaper bag was one of the very few things during this entire pregnancy process that I didn’t elect to just “go with” and let happen.  Instead, as you may remember from this post, I decided to ask for a diaper backpack.  In particular, I asked for the DadGear Diaper Backpack, and received that, along with a nice little “Go Bag Welcome Package” gift set a few weeks ago.

Since both MOMFC and myself have quite a few friends getting ready to have kids, I figured I would run through the ins and outs of this bag, and give it the ol’ DCDT Review!

DadGear.com advertises this bag with the following:

If ample storage space and extreme organization are what you’re after, look no further than the DadGear Backpack. DadGear’s largest diaper bag, the Backpack is ideal for traveling and for families with multiple kids. The Backpack continually receives accolades for its roomy size, thoughtful organization, and innovative features. It can hold enough gear for 3 days if in the diapering stage, and up to a week once the kids are out of diapers.

How true to the description is this bag?  I’d have to say it’s pretty darn close.  I currently have the bag packed as my “Go bag” for whenever Baby E decides to drop, so it might be pertinent to this review to mention that I have enough clothing, toiletries and snacks to last for four days in the hospital, including shorts, jeans, drawers and shirts.


One of the best features of this bag is the clamshell design of the main pocket, meaning I can set the bag on its back, open it up completely, and lay it flat on any surface.  No having to dig to the bottom of the bag without being able to see what I’m looking for, no issues accessing anything in any section of the bag, and no worrying about stability issues with it sitting open.  Normally with clamshell bags, the user’s biggest concern is a weak zipper, but DadGear has some of the strongest, beefiest zippers of any backpack I’ve ever used.  I’m pretty sure I could put the baby in this bag and not have to worry about it coming open (I’m not going to put the baby in the bag).


My personal favorite feature of this bag is the easy-access wipe compartment.  With the bag completely open, any dad can put a pack of their favorite wipes into the compartment, and never have to open the bag to get to the wipes.  You just pull down the easy-access flap, and you’re given a direct route to clean butt land!  With enough velcro to hold the door to Fort Knox closed, you never have to worry about the compartment coming open.

There are no shortage of pockets and cubby holes in this bag, including dedicated compartments for extra diapers (which DadGear calls the “Diaper Hammock”), two external bottle pockets,  and slots in the inside for an included changing pad, extra pacifiers, and just about anything else you could think of.  This bag even comes with straps to attach it to a stroller!

The DadGear Backpack Diaper Bag offers a ton of features, all disguised as a manly, durable backpack.  I did a lot of research on “Dude” diaper bags, and the DadGear seemed like the clear winner.  This theory was definitely proven once I got the bag into my possession.  I really can’t seem to find anything to dislike about this bag, so it’s looking more and more like this thing is flawlessly made and something that DCDT cannot recommend enough.

On the DadsChangeDiapersToo.com scale of 5 poop-filled diapers, I give this bag 5 poop-filled diapers, stored safely and securely away in one of the backpack’s 50 million pockets.

As a thank you from DadGear, DCDT was given a two-time-use coupon code for 20% off of any order on the site.  If you’re looking to pick up a bag, leave a comment on the post below for the code.  It’ll be first come, first served, but I’ll give the code out based on comment timestamps!


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8 thoughts on “DCDT Review: DadGear Backpack Diaper Bag

  1. Thanks for giving an update on this. Bill has been contemplating one for him to carry with Baby M but wasn’t sure if it was as “perfect” as he was reading. If that 20% is still available, we’ll take one.

  2. Hello, my brothers about to be a first time dad and I want to get him one of these bags for Christmas. Can I get that 20% off code? Thank you!!

    1. Hi Amanda,

      Hopefully you’ll check back, but the code should still have a use. Tell your brother to use code C2U0E0, and also congratulations!

  3. I am going on my fourth son and have gone through tons of diaper bags (they fall apart) I really want one of these bags. In a regular bag everything gets lost and over the shoulder bags are hard when chasing after little ones. Any chance those codes are still good? I would LOVE one. Thanks

    1. Wow! With four sons, you deserve a bag made out of steel, Shawna! Let me talk to the DadGear guys and see what I can do for you!

    2. Hi Shawna! I just got an updated code from the folks over at DadGear. “DCDT25” will get you 25% off of an item through the month of June!

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