Funny thing about kids…

So, there’s a few funny thing about having kids: They keep you busy. REALLY busy. You start to get comfortable with them, and think, “I could probably handle two kids” You have a second kid, and stay busy Sometimes you have two boys and think, “We should try for a girl!” You have a third […]

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Baby Music Updates


Well, there is, as they say, no turning back now.  Why is the name of this post “99”?  That’s the number of days we have left until our little guy is due to join this crazy world.  To say I’m excited would be an understatement. It finally struck me while sitting in the car the […]

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Advice Updates

Life, As He Knows It, Is Over

That little guy?  He’s been my best buddy for almost 8 years.  On his 8th birthday, he has the potential to share his day with the one thing in life that can usurp his throne in our household.  With our boy due on October 31st, a mere 8 days after Dirk’s (our dog) birthday, I have […]

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